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[pct-l] the subjectiveness of a thru-hike

In a message dated 10/13/02 9:02:30 PM, tdilopct@yahoo.com writes:

        It=E2=80=99s the Journey, not the Destination
The Journey is about the experience.
It=E2=80=99s not about achieving a summit, but rather
everything that goes on in you heart, body, and mind.
The Journey is about the whole experience.  The
Journey is the destination.  It teaches us, makes us
strong, and lets us touch enlightenment if even for a
moment.  The Journey gives us experiences that
penetrate the heart.

I would add that determination to try is the first step of any journey. Ya
can't ski until ya wanna try to and do
   No snow at all in the Cascades yet with high pressure blocking out storm=
to the north for some time to come. Looks like a late ski season to me.
Potential for any early melt and good conditions for a Southbound in 03? I'=
betting best chance in years.