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[pct-l] Overbag idea for a WM Highlite- Bibler Winter Bivy

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This is a response to Switchback's thoughts on using a silk liner as an ove=
rbag for a lightweight bag:

You may want to check out the Winter Bivy by Bibler. I was traveling down t=
he same path as you for bag lightweight bag protection + additional warmth.=
 I also have the INCREDIBLE WM Highlite (17oz.) and bought the Bibler Winte=
r Bivy for this purpose. At only 9 oz. it is as close to waterproof as you'=
ll get without encasing yourself in plastic sheeting (obviously NOT recomme=
nded). It's made of Epic fabric and I have had no condensation problems, ev=
en when fully zipped up. I've taken this combo down to 30 deg. with no prob=
lem. I don't zip the Highlite up, preferring to use it more like a quilt. F=
or more information regarding the Winter Bivy, check out www.backpackgearte=


From: Hiker97@aol.com
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 17:12:05 EDT
To: pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net
Subject: [pct-l] Water Repellents for Sleeping Bags

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Actually, this is a question about spraying the Cocoon Silk Travel
Sheet (6.3
oz., REI #618375).  I had some extra time on my hands and was thinking
much again.  The idea occurred to me that it would be super smart if I
my 32-ounce Marmot Arroyo down sleeping bag and got a Western
Highlite down sleeping bag (16-17 ounces).  Then I would use a silk
liner as
an overbag to protect it, keep it clean, extra warmth and for some
protection.  I choose silk because of the weight savings.

The deal is that I need to put some water repellent on the silk if I am
hiding under my tarp during rain.  Has anyone ever tried to spray silk
something like this?

I am also looking at the Feathered Friends Chickadee.

Thanks, Switchback

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