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[pct-l] light tents - stephenson is pricey, anyone usedgolit e

At 09:06 PM 9/9/02, CMountainDave@aol.com wrote:
>Surely they must have SOME
>experienced, creative designers. Did they consider and reject less than 2
>pound tents for some quality reason? Or do they have too much invested in
>heavier gear production to introduce their own lightweight competition. Gotta
>be some reason

Most have "lifetime guarantees" and lightweight gear is easy to break, and
NO ONE likes returns. The only folks that want it are the hard core long
distance types, not your average couch potatos.

Also FWIW, I know someone at what was a fairly successful gear manufacturer
before it was sold to a larger company. He told me that when they went from
making the gear out of adequate, but light weight, material, to using bomb
proof heavy weight cordura, the sales tripled.

The average REI shopper equates heavy with well made, and light weight gear
is "cheap looking."

At least now we can get gear from http://www.tarptent.com or
http://www.golite.com. Without the internet, manufacturers like these would
not have a big enough market to stay in business

Brick Robbins

The only way to do it ...... is to do it.
--Merce Cunningham