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[pct-l] light tents - stephenson is pricey, anyone used golit e

CMountainDave@aol.com wrote:

> I think it's great that someone would make their own gear. If I knew how to
> make patterns and sew, I would, too. However, I have to ask myself why the
> major gear manufacurers don't produce 22 ounce tents. What's in it for them
> to keep the gear on the heavier side? Am I missing something? Is their really
> not that much of a market for lightweight gear? Surely they must have SOME
> experienced, creative designers. Did they consider and reject less than 2
> pound tents for some quality reason? Or do they have too much invested in
> heavier gear production to introduce their own lightweight competition. Gotta
> be some reason

	A lot of outdoor gear comes with guarantees, often 'lifetime' ones.
Lightweight gear tends to also be more delicate, and require more care
to keep it from damage. While I do not know for a fact that this is a
concern, were I a manufacturer it would be for me.


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