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[pct-l] Campfires...

In a message dated 8/30/02 4:05:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
yumitori@montana.com writes:

The way I look at Camp Fires. If alone I never make one, unless its to cold
or I got wet. I am a firm believer only to make a fire if the campsite has an
existing fire ring.

If I am with a group and they want one and we have a fire ring and necessary
permits. I always find one person in the group wanting to make the fire
bigger and bigger

On control burning. I suggest for those who think this will save the forest.
Let me handcuff them to a tree were the fire is supposed to stop if they like
their meat well done. "That is they will be well done." If they like their
meat medium done I will spot them 500 feet. or if raw 1000 feet. Any takers.
So much for controlled burning.