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[pct-l] PCT Red Pass to Lake Sally Ann

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Welcome Linda, Wilderness Wanderer and the Mountain Sisters!

IIMBSBTS, the first thing that you might do is check out the list archives at
http://www.pcta.org/plan/maillist.shtml    They are organized pretty well so
that you can search for a specific issue that you might be concerned about.

Then try to attend a ALHDA West or ADZPCTKO gathering before you go.  You
will meet many who have already thru-hiked and learn from their experiences
and see a huge variety of equipment and hiking strategies.

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel

"Salvitur Ambulando"
(walking solves all things)
            St. Augustine

PS: "IIMBSBTS" = If I May Be So Bold To Suggest