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[pct-l] PCT Red Pass to Lake Sally Ann

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I'm new to the list so I will introduce myself. I have been hiking for
at least 40 years in Oregon and Washington. My first hikes were on
sections of the Oregon PCT only I did not know what that meant back
then. Now I live in Washington and live for the summer hiking season. I
hike with my husband and with a group of women called the Mountain
Sisters. I was told about this list by Linda Bakkar, a Mountain Sister.
We are planning to hike the entire trail in a few years - it depends on
whether I can get a six month leave from work, or we have to wait until
I retire in 2007 - that means 2008 at the very latest. We are not
getting any younger! Meanwhile we are gathering lots of information to

Yesterday I returned from a six day trip that included the PCT from Red
Pass to Lake Sally Ann. Lake Sally Ann is still filled with lots of ice
and snow. There was snow covering all of the north shore of the lake.
There are lots of snow free campsites, but the area seemed dark and cold
when we were there. Of course the weather made it seem dark as a big
thunder and rain shower had just passed through. The trail going north
is in great shape. There are a few minor snow patches all the way to Red
Pass. There is lots of water along the way as well. Looking down into
Glacier Basin, we could see the trail, which also has a few minor snow
patches. The flies and mosquitoes were terrible. Saw a couple of thru
hikers at Lake Sally Ann, but did not get their names - a man and woman
hiking together.

Linda, WildernessWanderer