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[pct-l] Does Coffee Attract Bears?

Well I heard the older bears are more tempted by the hazelnut flavor while
the cubbies like practically anything especially the hot hard smell of
fired up caffeine coming from camp. I've only had 2-3 encounters from
coffee so probably not an issue here.


lol-kidding (never heard it does)

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Depnds on if I serve the mocha-vanilla or doouble latte
--espresso does it every time however..I guess it is the "hisssssssssshhhh"
that gives it away that some class has arrived in the bc
and them-thar bears come runnin from miles around...

Careful of the fat-free stuff-- they'll tear yur head off
for that...only the high-calorie stuff will get 'em comin
to your coffee pot.. (or mini-espresso machina!)..



Just kddin...

no mroe attractive to java than anything else..
except those New York bears...they'll come
arounni before u finish grindin them beans...


At 10:19 AM 8/23/02 -0700, David Duncan wrote:
>My wife and I are planning a JMT through hike in September.
>We are coffee addicts, and are wondering how attracted bears are to
>coffee aromas--both of ground coffee and the brew.  We imagine brewing
>coffee really sends out a signal--people food coming up.  What has your
>experience been??
>Dave D
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