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[pct-l] Does Coffee Attract Bears?

Assuming you start your day with a cuppa joe and don't finish you dinner
with a one, it shouldn't be an issue.

One of the funniest nights I remember was WAY back, in Yosemite Valley, in
Camp 4. Two New Yorkers were sharing our campsite. Come nightfall, they
hung their food (this was before bear boxes in the campsites) way too low,
then laid their sleeping bags right under it.

About 2am, I woke up to the snuffling of a bear, and then watched as she
stood right between the two sleeping bags on her hind legs, and commenced
to jumping for the food. I could feel the ground shake as she landed just
inches from the still slumbering New Yorkers. The earth shaking finally
woke them up, and they rolled, still in their sleeping bags, away from the
jumping bear, while yelling at the top of their lungs. She (and her cub
nearby) eventually got their food.

Listening to the New Yorkers the next morning, you would have thought they
almost got eaten.

Brick Robbins

I don't have time to participate in arguments:
I barely have time to instigate them