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[pct-l] Brawny's 9 Ounce Silnylon Backpack

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Brawny made and used an 8 ounce silnylon backpack on her recent thru-hike o=
f the AT.  She later added a couple of mesh pockets that brought the total =
weight (with hip belt) up to 9 ounces.

This pack made the entire length of the AT, and it is still in usable condi=
tion.  She has updated her page concerning other changes she made on this p=
ack, and what she learned about ultralight packs while she was hiking.  Two=
 photos of the pack are also shown.

The page can be accessed here.  Look for "Brawny's 9 Ounce Silnylon Pack" a=
bout 3/4 down the page:

http://www.trailquest.net/PCTTrailQuest.html .

David Mauldin
"To Walk In The Wilderness Is Freedom"