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[pct-l] water conditions betw. Sonora Pass and Ebbetts Pass

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Greetings from a longtime list lurker and section hiker.

Having just completed Tuolumne Meadows to Sonora Pass last week, I concur
w/Llamalady: It was unusually dry and hot in the central Sierra. Days in the
90s in Yosemite's north canyon country. And on two occasions I was surprised
to see non-seasonal water sources (Cold Canyon Creek and the creeks feeding
upper Walker Meadow) totally dry.

I'm continuing from Sonora Pass to Ebbetts Pass through Carson/Iceberg
Wilderness next week. Can anyone who's been on that section in the past few
weeks tell me what the real water situation is in the creeks along the
The Forest Service personnel, frankly, haven't been up in there for a long

Last Saturday I was surprised to see two trail angels at Sonora Pass caching
water right to the north of the parking/rest area. After going dry a bit on
the previous section, I didn't take this as a particularly encouraging omen
of what I'd encounter between Sonora and Ebbetts.

Anyone care to weigh in?

Many thanks.