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[pct-l] goat rocks, and where in the world

I hiked up to the packwood glacier at goat roacks three weeks ago, and
you definitely don't need an ice axe, unless it snows between now and
then. There was some snow across the trail, but with the hot dry
weather we've had since then, probably only the glaciers themselves

Also, I was backpacking in the eagle creek drainage two weeks ago and
met several PCT hikers and traded trail gossip, snickers and rides with
several of them. No Frank Kroeger, but I think there'd have been news
of him if anything had happened.

People arriving in Cascade Locks on August on August 3 and 4 (sorry for
incomplete names):

Travis (coming off the trail after doing Oregon)
John and Bunny (two guys)
Red haired guy "who's probably Mark"

Good luck finding your friend, and remember, it's probably safer on the
trail than back home.


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