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[pct-l] RE: end of the trail

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Problem is, there _are_ no good motel rooms in Seiad Valley, as far as I kn=
ow. For that matter, I don't believe there are any motels at all.

However, there _is_ an annual volunteer fire fighters parade that runs down=
 main street, held in late August. In 2000, PCT hikers were invited to part=
icipate for the first time, but I've yet to hear anything about this having=
 become a tradition. Anyone know?

- blisterfree

>>This weekend I heard from Mike Scawen, a Brit, who has been section hikin=
the PCT and this year was going for northern California possibly to Canada.
However, a shower got in his way.  At Seiad Valley, he found a good motel
room and heard the calling of a hot shower.  As he says, "I had been on tra=
for a month and the lure of a night in a motel was too much of a temptation=
I booked in and first things first had a shower.  Unfortunately I slipped i=
the shower, fell out and in the process collapsed my left lung and broke si=
ribs!"  He is okay after a bit of a hospital stay and will be joining his
wife in Sth Calif. soon.  He'll have to put off completing the trail for
another time.<<