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[pct-l] re: hiking in sandles, and hiking cheap

  One more point about hiking in sandals: I find that my socks develop
major holes in the heels after just one week of long distance hiking.
At that point, I turn the socks over and wear them upside down until
the top (which is now on the bottom) wears thru. With the socks upside
down, bunching of the heal material is not a problem; it just pokes
up between the straps.

  As for thru-hiking on the cheap, keep in mind that what your body wants
and needs most is lots of good food. To have to deprive yourself of
what your body is craving - because you can't afford it - will really
suck, both physically and mentally. Yes, people thru-hike on a diet
of Poptarts and Snickers bars, but try to find room in your budget
to eat well. I think you'll enjoy your trip more.

Dave (WalkOn)