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[pct-l] Re: Feet treatment - callus cracks

On callus cracks, once you get one on trail, you have to do something about
it. The hard skin on either side doesn't flex enough, so it keeps ripping
open the raw under skin as it's trying to heal. This is the cause of the
"glass sliver" sensation.

I cut away and if necessary rip off the heavy callus 1/4 inch or so on either
side of the crack, then use antibiotic ointment and a wide cloth bandaid to
let it heal. This stays on the rest of the trip, up to a week.

Best idea, easy to say too late, is to keep the callus thin enough so it
doesn't crack  on longer hikes. I've experimented with both water based and
petroleum jelly based creams and neither has prevented callus cracks once it
got too thick. I use Chaco sandals with socks exclusively. Sandals cause much
more callus formation than boots, especially with the thinner socks that I
use, because of the greater friction. It's a trade-off for the coolness that
my feet need.

Best, Todd in Tarzana.