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[pct-l] Re: Feet treatment

Moleskin?  NEVER AGAIN!!!

Two words;  DUCT TAPE


PS:  Even after you have conditioned your feet on a PCT hike and you think
that maybe you are beyond that issue, you may find that climbing into the
Sierras and the large elevation gains and losses that you find there everyday
and are not accustomed to after coming across the flatter stretch from Agua
Dulce will cause blisters.  You may find that increasing your mileage in Nth
Calif or Oregon to escape the mosquitos will suddenly cause blisters.  You
may find that walking a week in rain in the Nth Cascades in Washington with
new large elevation gains and losses will suddenly cause new blisters.  The
bottom line is that your feet may get tough initially, however, they will be
constantly adjusting to the varying conditions that you (and the PCT) throw
at them and will likely respond according to how well you take care of them
and manage that adjustment.