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[pct-l] Re: Feet treatment

Things like moleskin and second skin are helpful for FRICTION blisters,
but most people don't get those after a while if their shoes fit and
they do the other things mentioned.   Good liner socks and midweight
socks are worth the price - I use Wigwam liners and Patagonia midweight
socks from REI with trail running shoes.

However especially in southern California in a hot year, the problem of
PRESSURE and HEAT blisters is not so easily dealt with.    Since there is
no friction, applying friction remedies like moleskin
doesn't help and may make matters
worse by increasing pressure.     The best ideas I think are to stop every
hour or two and take off your shoes for a few minutes while you have a snack,
and cook, eat and snooze in the shade
during siesta time and make up the hiking time at night.
Some book I read years ago suggested applying rubbing alcohol every hour
to dry the sweat.    You could use stove alcohol if you have enough!

This is well worth extensive trial and error.    I think the greatest dropout
rate of through-hikers is right at the beginning in the desert, usually due
to blisters.

Most of the burning area was not very shady though the brush got pretty high,
so the heat will be much worse and the flowers much better for several years.