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[pct-l] (Guest Post) I need assistance

You certainly got onto the right site. You will most
likely get lots of replies.

Get onto the PCTA web site (www.pcta.org) - they have
great trip planner with most of the resupply points
listed, addresses, permit application, etc. Join the
PCTA as well. Also, the trip planner will help you
figure out how many days between stops. The planner is
accurate, but it is a reality on the trail may be
different. But, it is good place to start.

Also get the PCT guides regarding the trail - they give
the trail descripitons, maps, water supplies, resupply
point info, etc. Unfortunately, the California section
guides aren't all ready yet - but, go to a library and
get an older version. They also are for sale at most
book stores and via the PCTA.

Also, if you can, get a hold of the older verions of Ray
Jardine's Hikers Handbook - and the new one, Beyond

And, be sure to start off with the kickoff at Lake
Moreno during the last week of April - you will get lots
of last minute water supply info.

Enough for now.

Marshall Karon
Portland, OR
> * Message posted to PCT-L from the National Scenic Trails Website
> * by our guest Peggy Munson <pmunson@iglou.com>.
> * Please use <mailto:pmunson@iglou.com> to reply to the sender.
> Is it possible to hook up with future hikers to possibily hike with? My husband
> can hike the first month, before, after or during that time I need to be able to
> hike with others. This is the first time for long distance hiking, however, I
> cycled from Seattle, WA to Washington, DC in 48 days for the Lung Assoc. in 1998
> (3,240 mi). I was not self supported.
> I need to know how to begin planning our trip. How do I find the various
> drop-off points for supplies. How do I find water supplies. How do I get the
> maps for the trails? I need to talk to previous hikers. What do you suggest?
> Thanks for any and all help.
> Peggy Munson
> Walton, Kentucky
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