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[pct-l] (Guest Post) I need assistance

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* by our guest Peggy Munson <pmunson@iglou.com>.
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Is it possible to hook up with future hikers to possibily hike with? My hus=
band can hike the first month, before, after or during that time I need to =
be able to hike with others. This is the first time for long distance hikin=
g, however, I cycled from Seattle, WA to Washington, DC in 48 days for the =
Lung Assoc. in 1998 (3,240 mi). I was not self supported.

I need to know how to begin planning our trip. How do I find the various dr=
op-off points for supplies. How do I find water supplies. How do I get the =
maps for the trails? I need to talk to previous hikers. What do you suggest=

Thanks for any and all help.

Peggy Munson
Walton, Kentucky