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[pct-l] Are dogs alowed on the trail?

I love having my dog with me on the trails. And he loves it too - until the
3rd day. I think hiking the PCT is for we humans. It is our thing. So,
unless you have a trail loving dog who has demonstrated that they love long
trips,  I think taking the dog on the whole trail will be a bit cruel. And
your dog will tell you - mine just lay down and didn't move. I had to carry
his pack.  The trail is hot, water is far between, etc. I have known hikers
who needed to hike at night to keep the dog cool - you get to forget the
scenic part of the PCT. And you can't legally go through the High Sierra
National Parks.

Why not just take the dog on just one section (and not the desert)? Say
around Lake Tahoe. And, if you haven't taken your dog on a long outing, try
it to see what happens.
Marshall Karon
Portland, OR
(503) 232-5271
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> I'm planning on hiking the pct this next summer and was wondering if I
> take a dog the whole way. The first half will be done in 2003 and the
> in 2004. It was suggested that I take our dog to possibly prevent against
> cougars ... and also to get her in better shape. I was wondering if it was
> either legal or plausible. I could also use any links to sites for dog
> gear...
>       Thanks,
>        David
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