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[pct-l] Kennedy Meadows Open


Just talked to the folks at K Mdws. The resort and store are now open. No=
 snow at the resort (6300 feet elev). Still plenty of snow higher up, inc=
luding Kennedy Lake.

Phone numbers:  209-965-3900  and  3911

They only pick up mail once a week in Sonora so prefer packages be sent v=
ia UPS. There's a $10 holding fee (cheaper than an air drop unless you kn=
ow a friendly aviator).

UPS address =3D  57 miles east of Sonora off Hwy 108
                      Sonora, CA 95370

US Mail =3D PO box 4010
             Sonora, CA 95370

Happy Trails to All,

Wandering Bob

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