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[pct-l] 5 day nenu

Recipes by Lonetrail 


Macaroni and Cheese w/ Starkist Tuna (Kraft Easy Mac Single Serving)
Boil 2/3 cup of water add macaroni, stir and simmer until soft. Mix with 
cheese sauce, add & stir in Tuna
Serve with Flour Tortilla. Brush on olive oil and sprinkle with paprika. Wipe 
bowl clean with Tortilla

Pesto Pasta with Olive Oil (Knor Single Serving)
½ Cup of water, ¼ cup of olive oil, mix pesto sauce and bring to boil. Reduce 
heat stir occasionally for five minutes. Cook and drain 8 oz of pasta. Toss 
pasta & pesto sauce
Serve with Pita Bread brush on olive oil and sprinkle with paprika & grated 

Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes with dried beef and beef gravy. 
Boil ¾ cup of water with ¼ cup of milk, (1/3 cup of powder milk per cup), 
Teaspoon Butter Buds, dash of salt. Stir in 1 cup of instant potatoes add 
water if necessary for texture. Stir and let stand for five minutes.
Empty ½ packet of gravy mix in one cup of boiling water add desired amount of 
dried beef from package and stir with wire whisk until smooth. Wipe bowl 
clean with fingers

Marrakesh Couscous W/Greek Olive & Roasted Garlic
Cut one inch of pepperoni from stick. Dice & Sauté with tablespoon of olive 
oil in bottom of pan and stir, (If vegetarian substitute pepperoni with egg 
plant) ¾ cup of water, add one oz of seasoning from flavor package, stir and 
bring to boil. Stir in 3 ounces of couscous from package, remove from heat 
and let stand seven minutes. Fluff with fork and serve.
Serve with Casbah Hummus (½ cup of cold water add hummus to a smear) and Pita 

Chicken and Rice w/ a mixture of vegetables
Boil two cups of water, Pour one cup of instant rice into a container add one 
cup of boiling water and cover container. Let stand seven minutes. Take the 
second cup 
of boiling water and add to freeze dry package stir and close pouch. Let 
stand seven minutes. Fluff rice in serving bowl and cover with vegetables. 
For vegetarian don't add chicken. 
Serve with Casbah Hummus (½ cup of cold water add hummus to a smear) and Pita 


Boil ½ cup of water stir in ½ package, serve on chilly nights only

Meijer Cookies'n Cream Pudding
Pour 1/2 cup of cold milk into bowl add ¼ of mix from package and stir with 
wire whist until blended let set until desired thickness.

Betty Crocker Rice Pudding.
Heat one cup of milk, 2 ounces of pudding from package and stir frequently 
(pudding will be thin). Cool 30 minutes. 


Cold assorted Cereal or Granola
In zip lock snack bag add one cup of cereal, raisins or other dried fruit, 
heaping tablespoon of dried milk one package of sweet & low or sugar. Just 
add cold water to bag and stir.

Quaker Oats hot assorted Cereals  
Boil ½ cup of water add one heaping tablespoon of dried milk. Pour on cereal 
and sweeten 

Quaker Oats Ham'n Cheese Grits (a rare treat)
Boil ½ cup of water pour over grit and stir. Sticks to your bones


Delallo Provolone cheese w/ Margherita Pepperoni and pita bread 

Casbah Hummus (½ cup of cold water add hummus to a smear) and Pita bread 

HOT                                                               Cold
Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider            Apple Cider, Wyler's, 


        Energy bars, Little Debbie, Beef Jerky, Jiff Chocolate Peanut butter.