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[pct-l] re: Future trail memorial

>>How's this, how about a Jack Fair memorial marker at milepost nearest =
place on PCT??  ( It could say something about ," That will be a buck") =

How about dedicating a portion of the PCT in Jack's rough and tumble, =
hard-as-life memory by designating trail several miles north of his home =
as "The Jack Fair Memorial Underground Aqueduct and Adjacent Service =
Road?" Interpretational pamphlets could be published and made available =
in Jack's front yard for $1, where one would also obtain the last =
surefire water until Kelcy's restaurant in Tehachapi. Pamphlets would =
reference numbered stations at trailside, and would elaborate on the =
indigenous flora and fauna, as well as offering sobering perspective on =
the various non-native species often in attendance (such as Automobilis =
Abandonus and the highly variable Shotgunis Shackus). The pamphlet would =
conclude with a concession that "the wind in your hair and a hardtail =
between your legs beats this Bambi crap any day of the week," and would =
then deposit the desert hiker at the final "station:" a open-air =
'automatic flush' privy built atop an aqueduct service vent next to a =
giant obelisk that has engraved the rhetorical question, "Now aren't you =
glad you didn't leave the trail for ANY REASON while trespassing on the =
Cajon Ranch?"

But that's just one possible approach. Either way, like most things PCT =
that are no longer, Jack is missed. He was the man behind that desert, =
as much as the desert was inside the man.

- blisterfree

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