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[pct-l] Muchos Gracias!

Hola Compadres!

After a week on the trail, a week of angeling, and a
new job up in Sonoma county, I'm ready to get back
into the swing of this list. 

As you do or don't know, I rocked out of Morena after
that fabulous party with a futuristic pack
on...GVPgear's G5, after winning the GFORCE award.  As
expected, I cruised down the trail all the way to
Scissors Crossing, where my two weeks of hiking was
cut short by a funky "door hinge squeak" in my
achilles.  I plan on finishing the trail later this
year, and decided not to walk on.  Nevertheless, that
new pack performed flawlessly.  If I were you, and
into the serious lightweight style, I'd put myself on
the waiting list for one of these.  

Anyhow, I just wanted to thank all that attended.  I
had an even better time two weeks ago than I did back
in 2000 when I was hiking.  The energy at Morena was
superb, and I am proud to say I hiked with the pack as
they began the trip of their lifetime.  

And how are they doing?  

They're rocking, as expected.

Best of luck to you all, and I hope to see you on the
trail soon enough.  If anyone is wondering, I'll be
building that water cache on the hat creek rim in mid
june for hikers to catch it in late july/early august.

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