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[pct-l] Kick-Off Weekend

 First , I would like to thank all the hard workers for making such a great 
weekend!! ( Special thanks to Greg, Bob Reiss, Tom Renolds, Bill Pierson, 
Charlie Jones  ) Starman ( PCT 2001 Hiker) did and great cooking job as well. 
Anyone who didn't make it last weekend really missed out!!   Bear Canister??? 
Much stronger than I thought. Maybe with the right training , I could beat it 
in a rematch!!! Actually Tom is right. I took it off to the side and gave the 
Garcia a few good shots on the paved road ( one on it's side and one on the 
end piece) and the thing held up. ( I feel if I hammered it repeatedly for 
several minutes with a rock  , the canister would lose, but a bear would not 
do this) The new Carbon Fiber Canister looked impressive and the cost is only 
that of a good pack or tent and should last a number of years.  Thanks as 
well to Bob Reiss's Dad who has a " Bob Newhart" type of humor and very 
enjoyable to be around.  Also , Marion and Ray Davision were real hits at the 
Kick-Off. There Lamas were a hit with all in the campground and Marion is one 
mean Guitar picker and singer!!! Gotta go, I'm dead tired after a straight 
shot drive back to Olympia. Good luck and see you all again!!    P.S. Thanks 
for helping out my " Lost" Sister Tom and As a Bat!! She had a great time as 
well. Monte

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