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[pct-l] Re: New On-Trail List?

It looks like the discussion on this has slowed.  I agree with Jim that the
volume of this list seems to remain high during the season, which is why I
think a separate list for on-trail issues is a good idea.  It allows the
camaraderie and banter that make this list so...uh...interesting to
Also, last year Flyin' Brian was ahead and reported the Sierra fairly clear.
Because I read the list later in the season, I left my ice axe behind and
others were able to use that information to decide to ship theirs home.
Easy access to fire info might have been helpful last season too.

So, now the question:  is anyone willing to moderate this list?  I might be
able to find a friend to do it, but they would not be backpackers, or
PCTers.  They'd just be willing to help.  I think it would be more effective
if someone from the community were willing to take on the task.  Any takers?
This doesn't mean that you don't get to go out of town.  You can trim when
you return.
Again, the responsibilities would be to review postings for relevancy and
keep the list lean.  It would be great if the moderator read PCT-L too and
cross-posted critical notes about trail conditions or hiker sightings.
There are also issues of setting it up -where and who?
Any feedback from moderators of this or other lists?  Is it a lot of work?
Am I missing any important issues or duties?
Thanks for considering this proposal.
John B./Cupcake
PCT 2002
"Jim Serio" jim@rollercoaster.com wrote:
> I used the PocketMail on the trail last summer and there were so many
message that I needed to unsubscribe that >account or else it would
literally take 30-60 minutes to download the messages
>A dedicated list with maybe 1-2 emails (with pertinent info) per
>day would be a good idea. The ability for those on the trail to post
>would be nice too.

>"Marshall Karon" m.karon@attbi.com wrote
> Seems to me that this list does the trick. Why look in multiple
>places or  post to multiple lists <snip> And if you are going with everyone
>else, not many are ahead to give any useful info. The info on the PCTA
>site wasn't

>"John Brennan" <john@frozenpoodle.com> wrote:
>Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 17:37:21 -0700
>Does anyone else see the need for an on-trail hiker-focused email list?