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[pct-l] Gear

Hello all.  My name is Jason Porto and I plan to hike
the PCT this, but want a little advice on gear.

1. Jackets - I am debating between a Marmot
Thunderstorm (the parka version of the PreCip) which
would be lighter at 14 oz. and less durable with the
REI Liberty Ridge which is heavier at 1 lb. 9 oz. and
more durable.  Will I be using the jacket so much that
I should opt for more durability, or just go for light
weight at all costs?  

2. Tent(2 person) - I havent narrowed this down quite
as much, but am looking at the REI Half Dome and MSR
Zoid 2.  Any other suggestions are welcome.  

I would greatly appreciate any advice from anybody who
has their own theories or actual experience with the
aforementioned pieces of gear.

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