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[pct-l] Gear

I have geartested the MSR Zoid 2 and it is a great little tent and holds 2
people comfortably but not your gear.  I use it a lot by myself if I am car
camping.  I would not want to carry the weight 4lbs 6 oz alone on a through
hike. You might check out all the reports on this tent at the following url
there are 4 reports in my test plus others who have tested it also. I use a
silnylon 8 x 10 tarp for any distances.


on the jacket - I carry a Go-lite Coal, stuffs small and weighs about a
pound, then I
have my Frogg Togg rain jacket for my 4th layer.  It works for me and I feel
I am ready
for any kind of weather.  My other 2 layers are Capiline midweight underwear
and a Rail
riders eco mesh shirt.

Cheers,   Marge (the old gal)

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