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[pct-l] My PCT gear reviews now online

I've just about finished reviews of all the gear that I used on my 2001
PCT thru-hike and have all the individual gear photos uploaded. I was
going to wait until I had all the text posted before I opened the site,
but I know that the '02 hiking season is almost here and that many
prospective hiker's might like to look over one more fellow's gear
reviews before they set out on their grand adventure... and so that they
might possibly pick up another idea that will help or see something that
will confirm their reason for NOT using a particular piece of gear, but
I'm sure that everyone will want one of my famous ADZPCTKO homemade gear
contest cups!!!!!!! :-)

I have not yet activated a link to this page from my website so this is
the only direct route there at this point:

I will be completing the remaining reviews during the next few hours and
the next few days. Hope there is something there to help the class of
2002 and wish that I was going to be there with you all! Happy Trails!

Dave Brock "Lightningbolt" http://members.tripod.com/gohike "Nothing to
sell... just sharing information"


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