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[pct-l] Re: Did Lowder have an ice axe

Thank you to Helen for clearing up the facts in the case.  
It really does come down to each person choosing their acceptable level
of risk.  Brick's photo of a hiker on Fuller Ridge in the snow gives me
the willies.  Like some others, I choose to section hike, so I can do
each section during its best time of year, when conditions are most
favorable and risks are lowest.  
A colleague of mine tells me I am crazy because I have kept my food in
my tent in bear country (no lectures, please, I now own bear cans) and I
only filter water when I consider it hazardous.  This same colleague is
a skydiver.  I would NEVER jump out of a perfectly good airplane.  So
each of us has determined her acceptable level of risk.  
Anyway, I hope the original question, "Do I need an ice axe, or will
hiking poles do?" has been answered definitively. I for one don't want
to read about any more thru-hiker deaths. But I know they will happen.  
Marion Davison

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