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[pct-l] pack advice? (new to list)

I have a Kelty Cloud, a high priced version of the Flight. You cannot
compare a Cloud with a GoLite. The Cloud has a full suspension system
including dual stays and a serious hip belt that works great for men [not so
good for women]. I configure my Cloud at about 2 pounds using the padded
hipbelt, dual stays and nothing else! The result is a single 3000 cu in

In my less than humble opinion I believe that this is a much superior system
to the self-supported load approach of lighter packs. Understand that I only
hike 1-3 weeks at a time and most thruhikers say that they get used to the
shoulder compression due to these lightweight packs. However, I can tell you
that it makes a big difference for the first couple of weeks and my guess is
that the superior suspension reduces wear and tear on the body long-term
even if the pain is gone from the shoulders.


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Hey everyone -- I'm pretty sure I'm about to raise a long-debated issue
here, so without going into the whole Go-lite discussion, does anyone have
any experience with the Kelty Flight?  I have a chance to pick up a 2000
model for about 170 on overstock.  The guy at REI told me a lot of Kelty's
end up getting returned due to inferior workmanship.  I've only read one
review of it on the pcthiker.com site, and that person seems to like it.

Of course, any other rec's would be appreciated (feel free to mail me off
list, if this issue has already been covered to death).  I'm planning on
doing the hike this year, and am looking for a light pack around 3000 cu.
in.  I don't know that I'll be as agile at cutting weight as the Jardines,
but I'm going to try to do what I can to go lighter.  I like having the
support of a belt, and I can't honestly say that I'll be as fastiduous about
pack weight distribution as I'd need to be to effectively use one of the
*super* light golite packs.  So, that in mind, if anyone has successful
experiences with other packs that might fit the bill, please let me know.

Thanks very much in advance,

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