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[pct-l] Another snow photo from that June trip

Here is why I suggested picking up the Ice Axe in Anza  instead of Idyllwild

This photo http://www.fastpack.com/brick/joe_taquitze_valley.jpg was taken 
well before  the junction with the Devil's Slide trail used by northbound 
thru hikers to descend into Idyllwild.

While the Little Tahquitz Valley (guidebook map B9) doesn't have any steep 
sections, like Fuller Ridge (guidebook map B10)  or Mt. Baden-Powell 
(guidebook map D5) , there can be plenty of snow on the rolling terrain 
that might result in a nasty slide.

Now I really am getting off my soapbox. I promise <g>

Brick Robbins                       mailto:brick@fastpack.com