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[pct-l] Better camp mac & cheese thru science

Scientists Set Menu for Future Army


PULLMAN, Wash., Feb. 18 -  The soldiers [backpackers] of the future will
require more than microcomputers, better body armor and lethal firearms.
They will also need macaroni and cheese. Welcome to the technological front
lines of military meals.

       UNCLE SAM wants macaroni and cheese that will remain tasty and
nutritious for three years after it is cooked.
       So, under a contract with the Department of Defense, food scientists
at Washington State University are using microwave cooking technology to
create a macaroni-and-cheese dish that can be used in the "Meals, Ready To
Eat" field rations the military has produced for two decades.
       The scientists are also trying to create egg and fresh vegetable
dishes that will meet military specifications.
       "There is no macaroni-and-cheese or egg products in MREs," said
Juming Tang, a professor of biological systems engineering at the
       Unfortunately for military forces in Afghanistan, production based on
Tang's research is several years away.