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[pct-l] Tacoma Tarps Available

We are offering our ultralight silnylon Tacoma tarps for a limited time =
before Brawny leaves for her AT hike this spring.  (Both the tents and =
tarps will be available when she returns this fall.)

The basic tarps weigh about 10 ounces, are 9 ft. long along the back =
wall and taper to 6 ft. wide in the front.  They include an overhanging =
beak in front that is 18 inches long at the longest point.  A mesh door, =
mesh skirt and seam sealing are available as options.  The cost of the =
basic tarp is $75.

Additional information, photos and ordering information are located =

http://www.trailquest.net/dlgctacomatarp.html .

David Mauldin
www.trailquest.net .
"To Walk In The Wilderness Is Freedom"

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