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[pct-l] permit check

After hiking 4 days without seeing a soul (except some
sour fishermen, who refused to say hi) A ranger on
horsepack came by. I started talking to him, just 
needing to hear another human voice after leaving
Tuolome Meadows. He told me of a couple folks about an
hour ahead.

"Do you want to see my permit?" I asked. He sat there,

"Its even got the Whitney stamp on it, and everything.
No one has ever asked to see my permit before" I
babbled on as I dug it from my scruffy pocket papers.

Finally, he agreed, and took it. "That other couple
was from Georgia also,"he said, and handed it back.

Then, we talked a bit more, agreeing it looked like
snow, and a couple inches could be on the ground by
morning, June 27th.

Nice guy. Sure enjoyed the chat.


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