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[pct-l] Dry Conditions in So Cal


If you saw the fires on TV north of San Diego last week you know it is dry 
for the rainy season.  Charlie Jones (San Diego) tells me that they have had 
less than two inches of rain all winter.  When you read those guide books and 
it talks about dry years, this is probably one, unless El Nino kicks in this 
spring.  And when the guidebook talks about late season (April and May) snows 
at higher elevations, be aware! If El Nino kicks in this spring, that is what 
we will see.

But hey,  enjoy your hike, it will all work out.  There is always water 
somewhere reasonably close by and if the snows hit, you can always bomb out 
to a road without too much difficulty.

I began my section hike in 98, an El Nino year.  Three feet of snow on Mt 
Laguna in early April!  Ever since then it has been dryer every year I have 
come out. Sounds like So Cal is due for some wet weather..........

David B. Craft
Greensboro, NC