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[pct-l] Bloomin' Borderlands

Here in southern Arizona, halfway between Campo and Antelope Wells, up in
the hills near the 5000 foot elevation, came a most unexpected sight
yesterday, a vague and vaguely familiar odor: that of Spring! -- the
heartening sight and delicate smell of the approaching season. It was a
subtle spectacle. Modest. Peripheral. But like a glimpse from the far corner
of the eye toward a meteor streaking by, high overhead, brilliant flame
barreling inevitably and unstoppably toward earth, it was indeed real.
Red-barked manzanita wearing ornaments of pink buds unbloomed; postage-stamp
patches of indigo flowers hiding out in the open. All basking in the warmth,
the sunlight, the nourishing earth still moist from snowmelt, and hinting of
the hiking season ahead.

Will the desert bloom be bust or boom this year? All told, it has not been a
wet season in the southwest to date. In fact I'd say it's been quite dry.
Chilly but dry. Snow exists around southern Arizona only above 7000 feet on
north facing slopes. The desert wildflower show may at this rate be a poor
one. But if my observations come close to splitting the difference between
PCT and CDT conditions, then northbound treks may (not March, May) begin
fairly snow-free this year.

"Too early to tell." - anonymous

Happy trails,
- blisterfree