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[pct-l] Tin Can Stove

benne129@pilot.msu.edu writes:

<< Just got my Tin Can Stove from the TCS Man.  Planning on using it in the
 Sierras this Summer during my thru-hike.  I'm not a fan of the stoves as they
 (from my understanding) will require more fuel, but they are easy to replace,
 cost nothing, no parts to break and get me one step closer to having all
 homemade gear.
 I'll be sure to post wether or not I blow myself up and how it does with
 melting snow etc. >>

Two more thoughts for those considering an alcostove:  

1.  You're more likely to blow yourself up using a gas stove with a 
pressurized fuel container.  

2.  Alcohol as fuel produces less heat per ounce than gas, so you would carry 
more -- if you cooked the same way you did with a gas stove.  When I'm 
snowcamping, I carry a gas stove for melting snow (or at least have one in 
the group.)  Distance hikers tend to "heat and eat", and an alcohol stove is 
ideal for this.  Very few will sit around while the coffee pot simmers.  A 
pint of alcohol will typically last one hiker a week on the trail.  That's 
one pound of fuel packweight the first day out, dropping to about an ounce at 
the resupply point.  Will you do better than that with a gas stove and fuel?