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Fw: [pct-l] A Whole Watermelon to Manning

I bought from some restaurants along the way when the "store" didn't have
fresh fruit, cheese or tortillas.. I bought a cup of brown sugar and a cup
of walnuts from the bakery in Stehekin to spice up my oatmeal.

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> If you have a little faith in your thumb you wouldn't need to worry
> about Stehekin. I know there's towns accessible from Rainy Pass which if
> I remember correctly was a day's hike closer to Manning.
> I probably would have skipped Stehekin if it wasn't for the novelty of
> visiting such an inaccessible place. It also proved to be the most
> creative resupply of the trip. One of the items I ended up with was a
> box of sugar. Definitely a town worth the trip.
> Citrus
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