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[pct-l] A Whole Watermelon to Manning

When we ended our hike in Stehekin last summer there was a hiker's 
box that should have been enough to provide several hikers with 
everything they needed to reach Manning. Incredible! I guess everyone 
passing before us was making better time then expected and left tons 
of food. We unexpectedly decided to end the hike then and there, so 
we left some ramen noodles and crunchy bars too. If you resupply in 
Stehekin, check the hiker box...


>If you have a little faith in your thumb you wouldn't need to worry
>about Stehekin. I know there's towns accessible from Rainy Pass which if
>I remember correctly was a day's hike closer to Manning.
>I probably would have skipped Stehekin if it wasn't for the novelty of
>visiting such an inaccessible place. It also proved to be the most
>creative resupply of the trip. One of the items I ended up with was a
>box of sugar. Definitely a town worth the trip.
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