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[pct-l] Primus verses MSR

Used a MSR Whisperlite for 15 years. Never had the pump break or the threads 
strip. Just kept the cup lubricated. Just got a Dragonfly and haven't had a pump 
problem yet. The MSR pump may be made out of plastic but it is very durable and 
practically unbreakable. For simmering and reliablity there is no better stove than a 
MSR. Works well from sea-level to above the treeline. Its great in the winter. I 
burned a couple differant fuels in my Whisperlite including unleaded gas. It burned 
them all well despite the fact the stove was only made for white gas. MSR is tops- 
there are no better stoves made.

On 13 Feb 2002 at 9:31, Montedodge@aol.com wrote:

>  Hats off to the early MSR stoves for their advent of using a fuel bottle for 
> a tank and making a field repairable stove. Since the early 80's, MSR have 
> rested on their laurels and have started making their stoves cheaper in 
> materials. Plastic and fire don't mixed. The primus fuel pump weighs 4 ozs. 
> vs. 2 for the MSR. Primus stove weighes 14.9 ozs. and has " Real metal pump 
> and threads to fuel bottle, unlike the MSRs who use plastic pump handle which 
> breaks at uncanny times and plastic threads which can and do strip . ( I own 
> an old model 9 1973 MSR and am now looking for my third pump) As owner and 
> user of over 20 stoves, I can point out pluses and minuses of each one out 
> their. Packablely is roughly equal as is heat output and priming. ( I would 
> give an edge to the Primus in priming) The connect tube is screwed on with a 
> small brass fitting verses the " Push and Pray" method MSR uses. Todays MSR 
> is cheesy and the Primus muti-fuel is much more durable and a more quality 
> stove. This has always been a trademark of Sweden " Anything". ( Cars, 
> watches,guns, chainsaws and stoves) Glad to see someone in the stove business 
> is getting the picture.
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