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[pct-l] Primus verses MSR

 Hats off to the early MSR stoves for their advent of using a fuel bottle for 
a tank and making a field repairable stove. Since the early 80's, MSR have 
rested on their laurels and have started making their stoves cheaper in 
materials. Plastic and fire don't mixed. The primus fuel pump weighs 4 ozs. 
vs. 2 for the MSR. Primus stove weighes 14.9 ozs. and has " Real metal pump 
and threads to fuel bottle, unlike the MSRs who use plastic pump handle which 
breaks at uncanny times and plastic threads which can and do strip . ( I own 
an old model 9 1973 MSR and am now looking for my third pump) As owner and 
user of over 20 stoves, I can point out pluses and minuses of each one out 
their. Packablely is roughly equal as is heat output and priming. ( I would 
give an edge to the Primus in priming) The connect tube is screwed on with a 
small brass fitting verses the " Push and Pray" method MSR uses. Todays MSR 
is cheesy and the Primus muti-fuel is much more durable and a more quality 
stove. This has always been a trademark of Sweden " Anything". ( Cars, 
watches,guns, chainsaws and stoves) Glad to see someone in the stove business 
is getting the picture.