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[pct-l] re: border crossing

Somebody mentioned the possibility of needing a passport at the canadian border. 

I was recently visiting a friend in seattle and we took a day trip to BC.  Before leaving I called the Seattle chamber of commerce to see if the rules had changed regarding ID at the border.  I was told a licence was still sufficient, but to be safe we brought social security cards as a second form of ID.  Upon returning we were held up for awhile because "neither a license or social security card is sufficient to prove citizenship."  We were told we could be held indefinately until we could produce an original US passport or birth certificate.  So I suspect it would be wise for dirty, skinny, and bearded folks with nothing but a backpack to be able to produce one of these forms of ID.  The funny part of the incident was when we were chastized for not having heard the $7 million INS advertising campaign.  (sorry for not living there).  We were in enough trouble that I didn't want to point out to him that the chamber of commerce hadn't heard it either! 

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