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[pct-l] Searching for Treasure on the PCT

Ever since becoming a geologist after hiking the PCT I have been looking for 
crystals and gold and special mineral combinations, etc. along with the 
natural treasures that the PCT offers, such as, beautiful trees, vistas, 
flowers, snow formations, etc.  

Ah, but now I have a new treasure to seek out on the trail!  You people on 
the list never cease to amaze me.

Debit card Numbers!  I never knew that such profitable things could come from 
simple combinations of numbers found innocently in garbage stashes at trail 

So, now along with my magnifying glass and gold pan, I'll be bringing along 
my cell phone so that I can take immediate advantage of this new opportunity 
before the numbers go dead and I have to find another!

Greg "Strider" Hummel

Always looking for the fun side ;-)