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[pct-l] Guide Book Updates - 1977 edition

> i have a 1973 edition for california and a january 1974 edition for
> washington and oregon. i don't know if there are any earlier editions.

You've got first editions. Maybe collectors' items!

I just dug out my old copies...

For California, 1973 was the original. It had a trim size of 4-5/8 x 7-1/2
and tiny maps, all at the back of the book instead of interspersed with the
text. A revised printing was issued in 1975. In 1977, WP published the
all-new Second Edition--6 x 9 page size, larger maps, page layout similar to
the more recent editions. The Third Edition came out in 1982; after that I
stopped collecting!

The OR/WA book first came out in 1974 and was reissued with a bound-in
supplement in 1976. The latter was called the Second Edition. In 1979, the
Third Edition--following the new format established by the California Second
Edition--was published.

Those were the days: the first California book was $4.95, climbing to a
whopping $9.95 with the Second Edition. The OR/WA book went from $5.95 to
$6.95 to $9.95 through its first three editions.

And Christine is absolutely right about those books firing the imagination.
Heck, they still work on me today!