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[pct-l] Cannisters & bugs

Brick Robbins always advises you newbees to know who is making the

Greg "strider" Hummel is a 1977 thruhiker who hasn't done shit hikingwize
since 1977 except raise a family of five and yearly blaze through the area
north of Mammoth in order to climb the same damn mountain every year.

Tom Reynolds is one of those guys who dumps his pack at the outlet of a lake
where the view of the lake reflecting the saw-toothed peaks of the Minarets
and/or Ritter and Banner Peaks takes his breath away, then reclines in his
Slinglite chair and sips Sierra Coolers [Crystal Light and EverClear]. In
this case the lake is 3 miles long so Tom intelligently walks a few hundred
yards along the lakeshore away from the standard camping spots and sets up

In the "regular" season [4th July-Labor Day], if a bear finds your ass you
will lose your food. Count on it. Don't count on any regulars to help you
out with a handout. Starve, sucker. If a Ranger finds your ass you will get
a ticket....and the Ranger will enjoy giving it to you.

Now if you are just trying to get through this section without a bear
canister the solution is simple. When you leave Agnew Meadow, take the High
Trail [the actual PCT]. Understand that this is totally ugly compared to the
John Muir [Intelligent hikers take the River Trail from Agnew, then climb to
Shadow Lake and follow the JMT to 1000 Island Lake] but, what the hell, you
are saving 1#12oz. Do not descend into the 1000 Lakes basin because you are
likely to meet a Ranger. Instead camp on the high, ugly ridge, but, what the
hell, you are saving 1#12oz. The next day you can rush through 1000 Island
Lake, Island Pass, Rush Creek Forks and ascend and camp on the ugly south
slope of Dohanue Pass but, what the hell, you are saving 1#12oz. Or you
could walk this section, possibly the most gorgeous in the entire Sierra! at
night --- says Bighummel --- but, what the hell, you are saving 1#12oz.