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[pct-l] Cannisters & bugs

I would like to see documentation on the following, if anyone is able 
to produce it:

1.  Regulations (not a website or post, but an actual statute, law, 
or official regulation) that state that a cannister is the _only_ 
legal method of food storage.  I have searched in the past and have 
only been able to find language in statutes/regulations that says 
that hikers must have "effective food storage".  I have not searched 
this year. I do understand that bear boxes, where provided are 


2.  Similar regulations/statutes that actually draw a distinction 
between so-called "normal" hikers and thru-hikers.  I can't imagine 
that legislators would actually draw such a distinction, or even that 
they would be able to fathom the difference.

IMHO, if you are a "newbie" (whatever that mey be) and are sincerely 
interested in learning about ultralight, then you would do well to 
seriously investigate STEALTH CAMPING.  Contrary to posts on this 
list, I have successfully used Stealth Camping in the areas 
considered to be bear-problem areas during the "normal" hiking season 
(late july and august).

In short, here is the gist of Stealth Camping:
1.  Do not camp in the same highly populated areas that most other 
campers use, which are the same places that the bears have become 
accustomed to raiding since the food is abundant.

2.  Camp away from the trail and far away from other popular 
campsites (which almost always means camping away from water).  Use 
low impact camping techniques, which do not alert bears to your 
presence (ie: do not build a fire, do not cook in camp, and do not 
make lots of noise)

3.  Cook on the trail a few hours before setting up camp and continue 
hiking later into the evening so that you are far away from the bear-
attacting smell of your dinner.  Keep your cookware clean and do not 
bring food that generates lots of garbage.

A good source for more info on Stealth camping are any of Ray 
Jardine's books.  You can find them at most of the online bookstores.


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