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[pct-l] RE:Oregon in Mid May

In a message dated 1/31/2002 6:24:25 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
ROYROBIN@aol.com writes:

> While hiking through this area of the PCT in '99, a very nice young lady 
>  offered me anything I wanted for my head net.  I didn't give her the 


I've heard of bugs so bloodthirsty they'll carry off unattended children.  I 
wasn't afraid.

I've heard of bugs hungrier than a thruhiker at an AYCE.  I wasn't afraid.

I've heard of bugs so big they show up on radar.  I wasn't afraid.

I've heard of bugs whose swarms blotted out the sun.  I wasn't afraid.

I've hiked in humid Florida jungles where the spiders and mosquitoes work in 
unholy alliance to force the hiker to make the required blood donation, the 
spiders weaving their webs across the trail, the mosquitoes following in a 
swarm that attacks when you slow to deal with the web.  I wasn't afraid.

But after reading the statement above, I  think I'll be having nightmares 
tonight thinking of those Oregon bugs!

But thanks for the gear advice.  I'll be carrying spare headnets thru Oregon! 

Happy trails,

Solar Bear