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[pct-l] PCT 2002 Questions-Some answers

>From: ROYROBIN@aol.com
>No, you will probably not die of dehydration, but if there's anything that
>will make you more uncomfortable (other than drowning in a creek), it's 
>of water.  If you drink enough water, you will truly enjoy your hike.  If 
>are dehydrated even moderately, you will pay the price.  Even those
>ultralightweight hikers carry the water they need.  (Back me up on this, 

Many thruhikers have asked how I could average over 30 miles per day through 
the deserts of the southern PCT. Conditioning and a light pack were 
important, but the secret is to carry lots of water. When others were taking 
a siesta, I was hiking in 100 degree heat carrying as much as 2 gallons of 

I carried 13 pounds of gear, as much as 10 pounds of food and as much as 16 
pounds of water. That's still under 40 pounds worst case. I like carrying 
less, but it's not enough to slow me down much, especially when I know that 
in 3-4 hours, I'll have drunk half the water and be carrying closer to 30 

Flyin' Brian

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