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[pct-l] PCT 2002 Questions-Some answers

> DO stop at VVR rather than Muir Ranch.  You'll meet some nice people

Agreed. One of the great stops on the PCT.

> <<  I think the longest stretch of trail without natural water sources is
> miles.
> Sounds about right.  And that stretch is not in the southern Cal desert.
> those just now planning their 2002 hike, please be aware that we're
> about the Hat Creek Rim.
> << I would see Trail Angel stashes as 'extra' water.  I'd hate to be
> on
>  it and find it not there.
> Once again, amen to that!  All right, it's usually there thanks to a bunch
> really dedicated Trail Angels.  You can thank them personally by coming to
> the ADZPCTKOP at Lake Morena, and contributing to their efforts.

We did find the water stash between Scissors Crossing and Barrel Springs dry
in 2002.  And a group of 10 - 12 hikers in front of us found it empty also.
So if the stash had had another 3 gallons of water - well it probably
wouldn't have made a difference to us.  We just camped near the stash, and
headed for Barrel Springs early the next morning. Not a serious problem.
This may not be the longest stretch without water, but it seemed like it to
me in 2000. Probably the So. California desert heat had a lot to do with it!

We still appreciated the water caches and the angels who supplied them.

We planned on a big water carry at Hat Creek Rim. We hiked 32 miles that day
and got into camp carrying over a liter of water.